Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Poem for Tuesday

Deep calls unto deep in the chasm of great waters.
I watch the fish and remember they are the symbols of the children of God;
I stand in wonder as they surrender to the wave
and are crushed against the rocks where destiny brings pain.

Peace… is all I long for and all that I cannot find.
I rush into the temple where I light a thousand candles and I pray one prayer,
and I sing one song, and I heave one heart to the scales of mercy.

Crucify my vanity on the cross of high judgment.
Flay me to the block and unveil the guts of doubt.
Fix me with chains of regret to the steps of Your Calling,
to hear the lament of the Lady named Wisdom.

For I hear her in the city as she whispers from cold streetlamps
and frost-bitten bricks where the hunger never ends.
I call her from the mountains of the sea
where her song is heard by whales and echoed through the riptide and the reef.
I cry out from the sewers where her children wade and scramble,
where they sip from grey streams that trickle down from the noble houses.

I call her,
I cry to her,
I surrender to her flame.
I summon every shadow of remembrance, and I turn to her, flesh to the blaze.

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