Sunday, November 8, 2009

Google Tracker

Here's a bit of technical blog stuff I just discovered. I am not by any means a techie or IT expert so I did not realize that when I changed the background template for this blog, I would also have to repaste the google tracking code into the Layout - Edit HTML page of the blog.

I was wondering why I was seeing zero traffic on the site for the last 9 days or so, when I knew from a few emails and a couple comments that there had been at least a few visitors. Well, apparently the tracking code disappears, so one must keep that in mind when changing to another template.

This is obviously not a high traffic blog, but to go from 10 or 15 visits a day to 0 for more than a week was puzzling. So, I think the puzzle had been solved. I will find out over the next couple days I guess. Or maybe the entire webworld has given me the about-face salute for reasons unknown. Time will tell.


Vincent said...

I never heard of google tracker. I use a discreet device but it doesn't seem to work well either. I'd like it to distinguish regular visitors, who know where to come, from browsers who want to look at images or certain keywords; & tell me realistically how long they stay. But I can't be bothered. Will probably stay faithful to Statcounter.

PatricktheRogue said...

Google tracker has done that for me. And to tell the truth I haven't had any problems until now. It was only because I changed the background of the template, and I didn't realize it required me to repaste my tracking code in. Once I figured it out, it took only a few seconds to fix.

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

I'm glad you told us! I'll probably NEVER change my background now. Maybe just change a photo or two.

PatricktheRogue said...

BTW, that was the problem. Once I posted the code, all was well. Alicia, if you ever do change your background I can walk you through where to find your site's tracking code and where to paste it.