Sunday, November 22, 2009


I watch I do
I study I copy
I rehearse I perform
Everyline prepared

I see I record
I play the tapes
I stand my mark
I enter on cue

I fear I act
Because I fear
An unprepared line


Alicia might remember this one.


pavlov said...

Are an actor?

pavlov said...

sorry, are YOU an actor? is what I meant to say

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Definitely the lines of an actor!

PatricktheRogue said...
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PatricktheRogue said...

This was written some years ago, when I was much younger - and as I recall, I wasn't talking about being an actor per se, but my habit of rehearsing things I would say beforehand. I would often think about whole conversations before they took place, especially with certain members of the opposite sex, but also for everyday situations. I suppose I was apprehensive about letting things progress naturally, and I desperately wanted to be liked. Since I was uneasy about my own personal style, or lack of it, I would closely study those whose style I admired, say, Cary Grant, or Sam Cooke, to name just two very cool cats, and I would try to incorporate some aspects of their communication styles into my own. When I wrote this I suspected that I was not alone, that many people study others whom they want to be like, and copy them.

I hadn't thought about it for years, it seems that one thing that does change over the years is that we become more comfortable in out own skins. At this point the only thing I rehearse is presentations for work. But it was a true statement for a period of my life. I FELT like an actor, just as I was going through everyday life. Now, there's enough self disclosure for one evening.

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Wow! Thanks for being so open and honest. Sounds like you've really made a transformation.