Sunday, November 8, 2009

The wit of Russell Brand

Some things are funny because they true, sadly. Here's the English comedian, Russell Brand, while hosting the MTV Video Awards, "I should explain, we English are a little different from you [Americans], instead of truck we say lorry, instead of elevator we say lift, and instead of letting people die out in the middle of the street, we have free health care!"

The look on pop star, Pink's face said it all - achingly funny.


Vincent said...

Brand is a bright fellow but got into deep trouble with BBC when he had a weekly radio programme and went too far - essentially making obscene phone calls on air to a highly respected elderly actor, referring to the antics of his grand-daughter.

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Brand is right. America does literally ALLOW PEOPLE TO DIE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. His joke is funny, but our situation here in America is not. Why can't people see that others are suffering? Are people that blind?